About Us

‘Together Network’ is a community where women in Christian ministry leadership positions can network and support one another. We understand the need that you have as a woman in a ministry leadership role for support, encouragement, and empowering and in our community you’ll receive that. Why do we understand? Because we’ve been in your shoes. We are women in ministry leadership positions ourselves and we’ve walked through the things you encounter in your ministry life.

In our community we work together to provide each other with support, encouragement and equipping. It’s a place where women cheer each other on, championing each other and the callings on their lives. Here you can be inspired and be an inspiration, as you go after your dreams and make that difference you long to make in your church and community.

We chose the name ‘Together Network’ for many reasons, some of which you will read below. One of those was because together is how we’ll change lives and communities – side by side, female and male, young and old. Everyone is needed and each has a part to play in seeing God’s grand dreams come to pass.