Application Information

We are so glad you’ve decided to apply to be a part of ‘Together Network’!

The application is easy to fill in and only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once you’ve filled it in, then press the ‘Submit’ button and we’ll be able to get started on processing it. Processing your application may take a while, depending on how many others are applying at the same time as you, so please be patient. We will notify you when we receive your application and also when we’ve fully processed it.

Completion of the application form does not guarantee acceptance into the Together Network. Acceptance as part of the Network is approved following prayerful review of your completed application and referral checks.

Upon approval of your application you will be sent a secure payment link where you will have options for paying your annual membership fee. The membership fee for membership in Together Network is $20.00 per month, payable by credit card.

If you wish at any time to withdraw your membership we require that that be done in writing (email is fine).

Membership of our Network does not mean that the Together Network leadership team endorses every aspect of that member’s ministry. As a Network we are not responsible for people’s behaviour in their ministry or private lives.

Application Form

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Important Note: As part of your application we require you to email us a ‘head and shoulders’ photo of yourself that can be used in the members directory. Please make sure that the photo is of you only and does not include other people. The minimum required size for the photo is 230 x 230 pixels. Please email your photo to and include in the email your first and last name so that we accurately link your photo with your application.