Why is this network only for women in ministry leadership roles?

  • Firstly, because we felt that Lord ask us to provide a place where women in ministry leadership roles had a place of connection, community and support with others in similar leadership positions and roles.

  • Women in leadership positions have particular kinds of needs – their ministry roles mean that they encounter specific challenges and joys. Our community is created to be a safe place for them to share their hearts, and to receive help on a practical, personal, and ministry level.

  • Women in ministry also need to have places that they can get training so that they can serve the people they minister to, to the best of their ability. As a Network we provide them with training resources to help them, both in their ministry and in their personal growth.

How will being a part of Together Network and community benefit me? 
There are loads of benefits in being part of the Together community. Here you’ll find a community of women in ministry leadership roles who support and encourage each other, cheering each other on to become the best they can be in both personal and ministry life. You’ll find -

  • Relational connection with other women in ministry

  • Ministry connections and networking

  • Support and mentoring

  • Training opportunities

  • Prayer covering

  • Apostolic encouragement for you and your ministry

  • Freedom to be a part of other networks as well

  • Free or discounted admission to Together Network events. 

Who should I get a reference from, and what goes in one? 
You will need two types of references – a character reference and a Pastor’s reference. You can download the Reference Forms from the Application page. They contain all the information that is needed.

Why do you charge a fee to join the Together Network? 
It costs money to run any organisation and the membership fee is used to cover things like web hosting costs, administration costs, advertising and hosting Together Network events, and more. 

Is the fee a once only fee, providing a lifetime membership, or is it a yearly fee?
The subscription fee for membership in Together Network is $247.00 (incl GST) per year, or $66.00 per quarter, or $23.00 per month payable by credit card. There is also an additional, once only, application processing fee of $20.

Are my membership fees transferable? 
Your membership is not transferable to another person should you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Together Network.

Are my membership fees refundable if I decide that this Network is not right for me? 
Membership fees are not refundable except in exceptional cases. Any such requests will be weighed up by the leadership on a case by case basis.

Are there groups from this Network that meet together in my city/region? 
We are hoping to establish groups in all regions of New Zealand that will meet together to encourage each other and to strategise together on ways that they can bless their community, and to pray for each other and their region. 

Can I recommend someone to be a part of the Together community? 
We’d love you to do so if they are a woman in a ministry leadership role (full or part time, paid or unpaid). They will still need to fill in an application form and go through our regular application process. Our suggestion is that you tell them about the ‘Together Network’ and recommend that they apply, and as part of that you could offer to be one of their referees and provide a reference for them. That way we’d know that you are in relationship with them and have recommended them.