‘Together Network’ is a non-denominational ministry that has been developed to encourage, support and empower women in Christian ministry leadership positions in New Zealand.

Take a moment and watch as Lyn Packer shares the vision for Together Network…


In our network community

  • You’re recognised and accepted for the unique reflection of God that you are.

  • It’s a safe place where you can make real connections and friendships and get help and support, both practical and spiritual, if you need it.

  • You receive support and mentoring from people who have walked the walk.

  • We all willingly share our gifts and skills to encourage and equip others.

  • You have access to a wealth of training materials by women and men with an abundance of wisdom and experience.

  • We encourage, inspire and equip you to dream big dreams and pioneer initiatives that bring change in your churches and communities.

  • You get prayer covering from seasoned mature intercessors.

  • And much, much more!

Spread the Word!!

To help you share the exciting news about Together Network with other women in ministry leadership we’ve prepared a PDF that you can give to them. Click on the Intro PDF button to download it.