‘Together Network’ is a non-denominational ministry that has been developed to encourage, support and empower women in Christian ministry leadership positions in New Zealand.

Take a moment and watch as Lyn Packer shares the vision for Together Network…


In our network community

  • You’re recognised and accepted for the unique reflection of God that you are.

  • It’s a safe place where you can make real connections and friendships. You’ll also find help and support, both practical and spiritual, if you need it, from people who have walked the walk.

  • You can bring your unique skills, gifts and experience to encourage and empower others.

  • You have access to a wealth of training materials by women and men with an abundance of wisdom and experience.

  • We encourage, inspire and equip you to dream big dreams and pioneer initiatives that bring change in your churches and communities.

  • You get prayer covering from seasoned mature intercessors.

  • And much, much more!


The first 20 women to join the Together Network community will receive over $80 dollars of incredible resources absolutely free!  

Those resources are…

  • ‘Eyes to See’ – by Lyn Packer (a training manual on interpreting dreams, prophetic signs, and revelations)

  • ‘The Life-Giving Power of Honour’ - by Rob Packer (book - a truly life changing teaching showing how honour changes lives and releases people to be their best)

  • ‘From the Heart’ - by Rob Packer (instrumental worship/soaking CD)

  • ‘What’s so Important About the Cross’ - by Derek Prince (kindly donated by Derek Prince Ministries NZ)

Don’t miss this offer! It’s strictly limited to the first 20 women who join us. 

Spread the Word!!

To help you share the exciting news about Together Network with other women in ministry leadership we’ve prepared a PDF that you can give to them. Click on the Intro PDF button to download it. After downloading it you can save it and share with others.