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I'd love to tell you the reason why I started Together Network and why I think you, as a woman in a position of ministry responsibility would benefit hugely from being a part of it. I thought you'd rather see and hear me share it than read it so I made a video of it which you can access below. 


Women in ministry have needs that are unique because of the job we do. In a survey I held recently the three main needs women told me that they had were -

1.     The need for friendship with other women in ministry and the support found in that.

2.     Finding women role models and mentors who have a heart to share their lives and journey, and who have stood the test of time in ministry.

3.     Knowing who they can safely turn to when they need help or counselling.

That’s what Together Network has been created for – to provide a safe place of support, encouragement, and help on both a personal and ministry level.

If you’re a woman in a recognised ministry leadership role in a Church or Ministry (full or part time, paid or unpaid) then we’d love to invite you to join our network and community. The rest of this page will tell you all the benefits of being a part of the Together Network and community.

Benefits of joining ‘Together Network’

There are so many benefits you’ll experience as part of the Together Network! As a member of the Network you have access to our support and also to the members section of the website. In it you’ll find all sorts of good things created to support you on both a personal and a ministry level. Here’s some of the benefits of joining our community –

  • Relational connection with other women in ministry – our community is a place where we can get to know one another and support one another on a more personal level – through individual connections and group gatherings, with others who know the unique challenges that women in ministry face. Also you can connect through our private Facebook Group page. 

  • Ministry connections and networking – knowing that there are skilled women you can turn to for help; being able to draw on their knowledge and skills and encourage others with your knowledge and skills; this is invaluable, a priceless treasure.

  • Support and mentoring from Together Network leadership and other members of our community – this happens through regular Zoom calls, emails, and social media (texts, live encouragement videos and posts on our private Facebook group page). Also in the members section of the website you’ll find info on our regional gatherings, community news and event notices, space for your requests for prayer and pastoral help if needed, links to coaches and mentors, and more.

  • Online Training – you’ll have access to our library of great equipping articles, mentoring videos, live training courses and online video training. More will be added to this library over time.

  • Live Training – Together Network will hold live training events as well as promoting events held by Network members through our Events page.

  • Free or discounted admission to Together Network events We hope to hold both relational gatherings and training times (workshops, conferences etc) that will be open to all women, but those in the network would get discounts. 

  • Prayer covering – we will have a prayer e-team of trustworthy people available to pray through your prayer requests. 

  • Apostolic encouragement for you and your ministry along with the spiritual blessing and impartation that comes from that.

  • Freedom to be a part of other networks as well – We are not exclusive – you need others in your life as they provide services and connections we may not be able to. 

What's in the Members section?

Inside our dedicated members section you’ll find all sorts of good things especially created to support you on both a personal and ministry level –

  • Articles

  • Training Videos and Courses

  • Teaching MP3s

  • Mentoring Moment and Interview Videos

  • The private Facebook Group page link (To access this Facebook page you will need to have your own Facebook account / profile.)

  • Links to Coaches and Mentors

  • Space for your Prayer Requests

  • Our Newsletters and Together Community events

The content in the members section will be continually added to – our aim is to create an exceptional members-only section that will become a favourite place to go to for growth, discovery and companionship.


Running a ministry and support service like this costs money – web hosting fees, office support staff, advertising and hosting events etc. To cover those things we have a membership fee that each member contributes annually. The membership fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

The subscription fee for membership in Together Network is $247.00 (incl GST) per year, or $66.00 per quarter, or $23.00 per month payable by credit card.

There is also an admin fee payable on submission of your application of $20. This fee is non-refundable and is a once only fee, not yearly.

Ministry Development Sponsorship

Many churches and organisations have a contingency built into their budget for personal and ministry development. If your church or organisation has that, you may be able to apply for sponsorship from them for either all, or part, of your membership fee for Together Network. We encourage you to check it out! For some tips relating to that click on the Ministry Development Sponsorship button below.

Spread the Word!!

To help you share the exciting news about Together Network with other women in ministry leadership we’ve prepared a PDF that you can give to them. Click on the Intro PDF button to download it.