Personal and Ministry Development Sponsorship 

Securing Sponsorship for Your Personal and Ministry Development

Your church or organisation may have a contingency built into their budget for personal and ministry development. If so, you may be able to apply for sponsorship from them for either all, or part, of your membership fee for Together Network. We encourage you to check it out!

Download our Development Sponsorship PDF by clicking on the button below and share it with your ministry leader so that they can have plenty of information on the Together Network and its aims and impact.

A few tips on requesting sponsorship…

  • Talk about the benefits of your participation, e.g.

    • What you see Together Network supplying that you can’t get elsewhere for free.

    • The benefits that your being a part of Together Network will have for your church.

    • How your participation in Together Network will help your church achieve their goals.

  • If you and your leader have already identified areas for your growth and development explain how Together Network connects to those areas.

  • Be clear that you will not only use the learning for yourself but will bring it back to your team or church. Be open to brainstorming about different ways that you can do this.

  • Make sure that you leave time for this to be worked into your church or organisation’s budgetary planning.

  • Be aware they may not be able to sponsor you the whole membership fee, and in fact it’s better if they don’t. You will appreciate your membership more if it costs you something. When things cost us nothing they are often viewed as having less value, and we know you’ll be getting far more than you hope for as part of the Together Network and community.